Yossi grew in Jerusalem where his Moroccan mother taught him all the secrets of the Middle Eastern cuisine.  Since coming to Norway he has also gained an appreciation of Ashkenasi cooking, and his food is fusion, blending the best of Jewish cooking form all over the world. 

Yossi gets  excited each time he serve a tasty dinner or finds a new, delicious, recipe.  He can't wait to share his cooking with you.

" Great taste and fast sercvice! Amazing salads and finally a good vegeterian choice! " Karen (48), USA 


We will never serve food we wouldn't love to eat at home.  

Less than a perfect dish will not leave the kitchen and your satisfaction is what keeps us in business. 

We look forward to serving you on your next trip, party or just a family dinner with friends. 


Yossis inspiration comes from the Sefaradi kitchen. Moroccan fish and the Egyptian meatballs. The salads. The flavours we grew up with come to your table just as it came to us.  Of course, we serve the best of the Ashkenasi kitchen as well!