180 NOK

Meals to GO

Enjoy our lunschboxes or fresh sandwiches in front of a majestic fjord or along your journey. We offer fresh baguettes with salmon and egg, chicken salad and much more. Ask us about our meal to go offers! 


We provide groups and individuals with breakfast, lunch and dinners. We offer meals for weekdays, Shabbat  and Jewish  holidays. Our list of delicious dishes and salads is as varied as it is tasty. 

Here we showcase a selection of our range, but please tell us your personal favourites when you order.   When possible, we aim to accomodate and cook food just the way you like it!

180 NOK


Salad bar

Collect your favourite salads as a side dish or main course.  Our varied salad list includes : Hummus, Tahini, tomato salad, tuna salad, pasta salad, carrot salad, assorted vegetables, greek salad, aubergine salad, cabbage salad, chilli, Baba Ganush, quinoa, potato salad, egg salad, pickels and much more! 

220 NOK

370 NOK

Dinner midweek

Breakfast buffet

Eggs, cheeses, salmon and salads, warm shakshuka or smoked mackerel. We serve a variedr breakfast buffet. Warm rolls of bread included ( Ask us about Lechem Israel ) 

Choose between a variety of starters, a minimum of 5 salads,  a satisfying main course (always vegetarian option available) and dessert.  

500 NOK

Shabbat dinner

Enjoy shabbat dinner at the community house after the evening prayers. Fresh Challa, kiddush wine and a warm atmosphere.

500 NOK

Parties and arrangements

Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitsva, or Brit Mila. We are there to welcome your guests with a smile and a huge amount of food :-)